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The Group is Smarter than its Experts!

The Group is Smarter than its Experts

Will we make the deadline? How is the mood within the team? What is the market trend?

CrowdStatus measures groups based on forecasts so you can use the aggregated know-how of your team. The results, the distribution of responses, and a trend in repeated surveys then allow you to:
- make better decisions by using a wide range of inputs
- quantify the ability of a group to solve a certain problem
- uncover bias and areas of improvement
On top of that, asking questions is a great way to communicate important aspects of your business.

Current Question

  • Business Climate appraisal in the IT sector

Let the crowd predict the future

Ask Your Own Question!

The Corner Stones of Crowd Status


Augment data from the internet of things with collective wisdom to answer questions.


Use algorithms from our marketplace to analyze and visualize your data.


Your data is stored only on your local device or any other place that you deem safe and secure.


A user governs how and with whom his or her data is shared.